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Be a star and fall down somewhere next to me

So I Married an IPI Violator
7 April 1983
I am 25 years old and work at a news station writing stories. That consumes about 50 or 60 hours of my week. The rest of the time, I collect loose change so that I may buy food, talk on the phone, text, watch the Giants, 49ers or bad reality TV, and yell at my dog. My world is full of excitement!
49ers, a pirate's life, adult swim, alex d. smith, america's next top model, and todd linden, barry bonds, baseball haikus, baz luhrmann, bea arthur, beat la, being john malkovich, being lazy, ben roflisberger, benchwarmers, billie holiday, bob saget, britney spears' trainwreck life, brokeback mountain, captain jack taschner, catchers, catherine zeta-jones, catty remarks, celebrities, clipboard holders, clive owen, collisions at the plate, conan o'brien, dave chappelle, david lachappelle, david ruprecht, disneyland, don cheadle, drunken prank calls, dumb celebrities, eating what tastes good, edward scissorhands, el scorcho, er, eric bana, eric johnson, espn, eternal sunshine, ewan mcgregor, fametracker, freddie mercury, full house, game shows, garcia vs. owens, gaydy sizewhore, gilmore girls, gio carmazzi, gladiator, god and baby jesus, golden girls, guys on injured reserved, hating a.j. pierzynski, hating john travolta, hating richard gere, hating st. louis, high draft picks, his cheadleness, i love the 80s, infomercials, inside jokes, insomniac, italy, jeff buckley, jeff garcia, joaquin phoenix, john malkovich, johnny depp, jon stewart, journalism, julian peterson, kate winslet, keira knightley, ken dorsey, ken dorsey's old car, kirk rueter, lance niekro, literal dancing, literature, malcom x, marc jacobs, michael rosenbaum, mike matheny, mo rocca, mock political ads, mocking 7th heaven, money, moulin rouge, mouthy wide receivers, neifi perez's blockhead, new york times, nicole kidman, noah lowry, norah jones, not exercising, overpriced stadium food, pirates, pirates of the carribean, postgame soliloquies, prince, pugs, queen, quoting britney spears, radiohead, randy fucking winn, rebuilding seasons, reno 911!, rich eisen, robots, roseanne, rufus wainwright, running from the police, san francisco, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants, sarcasm, savvy?, scurvy, sephora, sherman alexie, sleepy hollow, smallville, south park, space ghost, spike jonze, sportscenter, star jones, strangers with candy, supermarket sweep, terrell owens, the barry bonds experience, the daily show, the flaming lips, the princess bride, the smashing pumpkins, the white stripes, tim burton, tim hudson, tim lincecum, tyler walker, u hot?, unr, vernon davis, weezer, yorvit torrealba, zwan